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Dialogues with the Masters

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Dialogues with the Masters, a project we’ve been secretly working on for over a month now. The site features Janet Attwood, co-author of New York Times Bestseller The Passion Test and her journeys throughout India learning from the great masters of our time.

Janet interviewed over 100 masters and compiled their wisdom into a DVD and CD set, as well as the newly created Daily Dose of Enlightenment program, in which subscribers can receive a video every day for a year.

This site was a milestone in my web design career, both in the extent of my abilities and the exposure this site will be receiving. It will also be the last “Design” I post on this website. Very soon my Design services will be moved elsewhere, and The Astrarium will be transforming into a true online magazine, featuring…YOU?

Apologies for the delays along this process and with the October Forecast. Hang in there!

Vanessa's Vision

Our red carpet premiere for our Documentary 1&2 videos was quite a success! Now it’s time to release both the director’s and extended cut of Vanessa’s Vision online!

Extended Cut

Vanessa is tired and stressed, and not even close to ready for graduation. Her friend Milena comes to her aid and suggests she take a walk on the trails to clear her mind. What started as a short walk on the trails turned into something quite surreal, and ends up changing Vanessa’s life forever.

Part 1

Part 2

Director’s Cut

When my teacher viewed my nearly finished film, he suggested I cut out the other characters, the classroom scene, and all the voiceovers to make a different version of the film. It really tells an entirely different story and leaves it up for interpretation.

Cosmic Journey Book

My third book I’ve created, this one was handmade for a memoir class. The book has several layers of transparency and a poem throughout. It’s about the many ways to transcend reality in many cultures around the world. This was more of a fun project.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Cosmic Dawn

The light of one thousand red suns pierces the Void in an explosion of creative energy.
All of creation becomes manifest as we begin our long journey back to the Source.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Sunrise Drums

Rhythms travel across the sky, waking the sun and inviting all creatures to join in the dance.
Duality and separation are lost as we shake to this cosmic beat.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Whirling Dervish

The dervish moves to an unseen rhythm, delivering God’s mercy to the people.
Whirling in graceful circles, we become drunk with the divine.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Forest Maenads

The maenads dance in ecstasy, their bodies surging with the power of the Gods.
Reconnected to the divine, there is nothing we cannot do in this world.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Evening Meditation

In meditation, all sense of self, old thoughts, and limiting beliefs fall away.
We are surrounded by the Universe, surrounded by an infinite silence.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Mayan Sacrifice

The cosmic calendar races ever forward, leaving death and rebirth in its wake.
Realizing that our time is past, we prepare to be reborn once again.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Cosmic Dusk

Brahma closes His eyes as His cosmic day comes gently to a close.
Complete and infinite, we rest in the transcendent void for a thousand ages.


This simple abstract video was an introductory project for one of my Video Production classes. We had to explore the theme “The World Is My Family” which in Sanskrit is Vasudhaiva Kuthumbhakam. I filmed myself meditating and overlayed those frames from the wide universe down to our small college campus.

Hindu Deities in the Body

I took a Sanskrit class while at MUM and created this short abstract film as a final project, illustrating the metaphorical locations of the Hindu Deities in the human body and introducing each deity.

Note that the images and music used in the video are not my own. Music is “Dawning” by Benjy Wertheimer and “Integration: The Beginning” by Sophia. I did the After Effects work and put the whole thing together, along with an oral presentation.

Anti Self-Portrait

For my Constructed Realities class I was assigned to create a series of self-portraits of things that I’m not. As is my custom, I had to do something wild and metaphysical!

My series of prints were two pairs, one normal photograph, and one energetic representation made in Photoshop. Which is the real me, the ephemeral physical body, or the being of light?

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

These were taken on the beaches of Ban Krud in Southern Thailand. I’m playing my brandy new 7 metal singing bowl and feeling the vibes. Off in the distance is the beautiful Wat Thongchai with a massive golden Buddha overlooking the ocean. Incidentally, that is exactly where the next photos were taken.

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

Two individuals in a photograph. Are they separate beings, or do their energies intertwine with those floating around in the area, in this case the energies of this pure and sacred temple?

Hindu Deities Trinity

Here is a project from my Constructed Realities class. We were meant to construct a diorama or small scene and photograph it for a series of prints. I lined up three of my favorite Hindu deities, Brahma, Ganesh, and Shiva, and created a small altar made of natural materials and set all by the river. After taking the photos I enhanced them to show the elements each deity represents. The hindu trimurti or trinity is generally with Vishnu and not Ganesh, but I do not have a Vishnu statue so I used Ganesh instead.

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

Shamanic Journey Two

This is the second video I created for Video Production with Jay Bordage back in 2007. The quality is bad on youtube, but you get the idea. The assignment was to play with sound, and I added some visuals as well into the video. The ending, while unintended, eventually led to the Naturescope videos that I created for this class.