Blue Star of Hope

I’ve been working with Juelle and Donovan from Blue Star of Hope to help promote their wonderful non-profit for almost 15 years now. With their old website that I built back in 2008 starting to show its age, I decided to make a new one for them.

Visit Blue Star of Hope

My Identitype

I worked with brand expert Leili McKinley to build a new website for her My Identitype product. My work in this project was primarily development. The website includes a dynamic home page with an animated branding wheel, a “brandicator” to offer useful and targeted content to customers, as well as the Identitype product itself, a powerful tool for anyone looking to discover their ideal brand. Visit My Identitype Website

Carolyn Ross, MD, MPH

I worked with Dr. Carolyn Ross to build a new website for her work as a speaker, consultant, and author, as well as her private practice. Visit Dr. Carolyn Ross’ Website

Peaceful Shores Veterinary Hospice

I worked with veterinarian Dr. Jessamyn Kennedy to build a new website for her mobile veterinary hospice practice. Visit Peaceful Shores Website

Core Clearing International

I worked with energy worker Carin Baskin to build a new website for her energy clearing and healing work. The website will be launched soon.

Health Coaching Pro

I worked with Health Coach Abigail Pinheiro to build a new website for her health coaching business. Visit Health Coaching Pro Website

Healing Path Hypnosis

I worked with Certified Hypnotist Brenda Titus to build a new website for her Hypnotherapy business. Visit Healing Path Hypnosis Website

Tricia Galligan 2017

I worked with intuitive coach Tricia Galligan to build a new and updated website for her business and services. Visit Tricia Galligan Website