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Cosmic Mandalas

These mandalas made from Hubble photos and fractal renders remind us of the intricate patterns that manifest all throughout the Universe.

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Some images by NASA, composited and enhanced by us. NASA images are public domain and can be freely sold provided credit is given. Thanks NASA!

Cosmic Chakras Series
Cosmic Mandalas Series

Mythic Journeys Book

For my three-class multimedia project Mythic Journeys (more info in another post) I created this book to tell the story with screenshots from the game for my Constructed Realities final. I self-published and printed this book using Lulu.com. More images coming soon!

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

I have another post with images of the actual game. If you want to check those out, go here. Enjoy!

Anti Self-Portrait

For my Constructed Realities class I was assigned to create a series of self-portraits of things that I’m not. As is my custom, I had to do something wild and metaphysical!

My series of prints were two pairs, one normal photograph, and one energetic representation made in Photoshop. Which is the real me, the ephemeral physical body, or the being of light?

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

These were taken on the beaches of Ban Krud in Southern Thailand. I’m playing my brandy new 7 metal singing bowl and feeling the vibes. Off in the distance is the beautiful Wat Thongchai with a massive golden Buddha overlooking the ocean. Incidentally, that is exactly where the next photos were taken.

Copyright Michael McCracken
Copyright Michael McCracken

Two individuals in a photograph. Are they separate beings, or do their energies intertwine with those floating around in the area, in this case the energies of this pure and sacred temple?

Inter-Dimensional Series

These prints were my final for Digital Imaging, and express the multi-dimensional cosmology described by New Age philosphy as well as religions such as Hinduism. Overlaying the physical dimension, we have energy, emotions, thoughts, insights, not to mention our own divinity. But these things are not manifest on the physical plane – they are visible on other planes (I am over simplifying).

What I did here was take the original photo and manipulate it more and more each time (I don’t usually use filters), ascending in color value and becoming more and more abstract, until the final print where the individual has merged with the Universe, the Infinite Divine Presence we refer to as God. It is this journey from the physical to the divine that each of us undergoes during our lifetimes and beyond, ascending up these planes all the way back to where we came from.

The best part about this project is that I printed them on transparencies, and overlayed them on top of each other with a projector. The metaphor is that all these planes intersect and overlap each other, and were united as one on top of the projector and in the image.

Each one has a short description of the particular dimension. These are all very subjective and information/experiences about these planes vary quite a bit. These are my understandings of each plane, and the names of them that I felt like using at the time. I will likely write more on this topic in the future in greater detail.

Copyright Michael McCracken


The level on which we live our day-to-day lives. Matter is most dense here, thoughts take more time to manifest, and the things we see are the physical manifestation of the “higher” planes. We come down from the Source of all being, to have a physical experience on this plane, which we use to master our selves before moving on to the next planes, and the next stage in our evolution.

Copyright Michael McCracken


This level is what is known as “energy” – so if you are seeing someone’s aura, you are seeing their etheric body. Energy takes the form of many colors, representing different qualities. We hear of “negative energy” and “positive energy”. Energy can be changed using different tools including sound healing, sacred sage or other herbs, feng shui “cures”, statuary, and a variety of other items. An image of a master or any person imbues that image with the energy and qualities of that person.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Low Astral

The astral planes correspond to emotions: matter is created out of emotions, desires, and feelings. The Low Astral planes can sometimes be equated to “Hell” as they often represent negative emotions. These negative emotions and fears manifest as “astral beasts” who can be fearsome to astral travelers. If you have a nightmare, or are in a negative space when astral projecting, it is likely you will gravitate to these planes. However, you can move up to a higher plane by simply holding that intention.

Copyright Michael McCracken

High Astral

The higher astral planes represent the more positive emotions, including those of joy and love. The light is brighter here, and more high energy beings will be seen, rather than astral beasts. Positive emotions nd qualities manifest as positive beings, objects, and other manifestations.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Low Mental

The mental plane is made up of our thoughts, and the low mental plane deals with negative and also the more concrete thoughts. Thoughts about physical, palpable things make up this plane, as are the more “grounded” thoughts about reality.

Copyright Michael McCracken

High Mental

The higher astral plane represents high energy thoughts and also abstract thoughts. Thoughts of intentions, love, compassion, and will are less grounded than the concrete thoughts, and will manifest on this plane. This is one of the last “physical” planes, as the “higher” planes do not have matter, time, or space. After this plane, most evidence of physicality is lost.

Copyright Michael McCracken


The Buddhaic Plane is the location of our intuition and of the higher emotions such as compassion, love, and insight. There is no separation between beings on this plane, as when you are with someone you know their thoughts and what it is like to be them. You are them, in a sense. Only the essence of things are seen on this plane, and not the things themselves.

Copyright Michael McCracken


Also known as the “Nirvanic” plane, this plane is the location of many spiritual masters who have achieved enlightenment. It is said to be the location of the human’s spirit. Little is known about these “highest” planes, as they are non-physical, beyond human comprehension, and time/space.

Copyright Michael McCracken


On the monadic plane exists a much larger self called the monad, which manifests as a series of incarnations on Earth or other planets throughout the universe.

Copyright Michael McCracken


The Adi plane is the highest plane, encompassing all things and beings, thoughts and emotions, basically everything in our universe. This universal consciousness is known as God. We are each a divine spark of this Universal Being, creating our reality and the reality of the global and universal consciousness. We are all a piece of what is one God on this plane.

Project Statement

My goal with this project was to express, in a visual and interactive way, my view of the reality we live in. I believe in a multidimensional reality, with many interpenetrating layers of energy, thought, emotion, and spirit. This reality can be divided most simply into seven layers, yet I have split different pieces of those seven into more layers, to make a total of ten prints. The “higher” levels of reality are not in another place or time, but they are in fact in the same place as we are. They represent qualities of
life that are non-physical. Each of us has a body and a self in these realities, and they manifest physically as human beings with thoughts, emotions, etc. Modern Science (Quantum Physics to be specific) has suggested that we are all interconnected, that all people in all places and times are in fact one entity. Experiments have shown superposition, telekinesis, and other qualities of the universe, that basically show us that time and space are only constructs of the true non-physical nature of the universe.

Up in the “higher” dimensions, there is no matter, time or space. All things, beings, and qualities are experienced at once, something that is beyond human comprehension. We simply cannot understand how time and space could be transcended. I represented these “higher” dimensions by using abstract forms in light, color, sound, and spirit. The “higher” dimensions represent the qualities that we see in our lives, our emotions, inspirations, thoughts, and loves. Each of these things are manifested on the physical plane. It was my goal to represent these qualities of thought. Each of the prints were created by using the same photographic image, the “physical” layer of reality that I started with. No other images or effects, besides Photoshop filters, blending modes and settings were used. This is part of an elaborate metaphor – that each layer of reality is made of the same “stuff” as the rest of them. Our goal on the physical plane is to have a 3 dimensional experience in which we can develop spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We learn to master ourselves in each of these areas. Once we have finished our development physically, we break the cycle of re-birth and are allowed to progress to the “higher” planes of existence. The astral plane is the plane in which we have our dreams, and where we store our emotions. The mental plane represents our thoughts, and the buddhaic plane represents elements like love and compassion. Living on these “higher” planes, all things are in existence simultaneously, communication is through “conscious merging” of two entities rather than the spoken word, and our thoughts are manifested instantly. We must master our ego and “lower” forms of our being before we can become conscious of these planes.

The source of our being lies on the “top” plane – the Adi plane. This is where God, Source, or Universal Consciousness resides. Below that is the Monadic plane, on which our monad, or highest self resides. This highest self has 144 incarnations in 12 soul families which manifest themselves across the universe. When we join with our “soulmates” and ascend to the higher planes, we become one with the monad, and can continue our endless journey of evolution and involution.

It was my goal to represent these planes of existence so that they may be seen and understood visually. Enjoy!

Astral Plane Quiptych

This was another project for Digital Imaging, the idea was to take something inside and make it outside, or vice versa. I went wild and interdimensional on this, and proposed a mountainside physically, with a building (Akashic Records style) and meditating light beings astrally – so on the Astral Plane you might be inside, but on the Physical you’d be outside. I expanded on this project in the above multi-dimensional series for my final project.

Copyright Michael McCracken