Stephie Althouse

It is truly a pleasure working with you! Thank you so much for your brilliant, courteous, professional, prompt and obviously extremely caring work!

Nicole Peele

I briefly explained to Rory what my vision was and simply allowed him to use his imagination. The final product was nothing short of perfection! I received a phone call today from a total stranger raving about how awesomely beautiful my website is. Thank you Rory!!

Nicole Peele

Rory was patient, encouraging, understanding, all while providing guidance, excellent customer service and honest feedback. Thank you Rory!! I can’t wait to start our next project!!

Greg Kaminsky

Rory’s design skills are top notch and his artistic sensibilities are very appealing. He’s easy to work with and able to intuit what I want very quickly. I highly recommend his work.

Tamar George

Incredible communication, accuracy, speed and patience! Great price too!

Susan Livingstone

I appreciated Rory’s expertise and his attention to detail. He left decisions up to me, but when I was uncertain he offered insightful suggestions and options that fit my needs beautifully.

Susan Livingstone

Knowing nothing about how to build a website, I was somewhat intimidated, but my lack of technical skills were never an issue. Rory always knew what to say and do to restore my confidence. I knew right away I was in good hands.

Susan Livingstone

Rory is so competent, and thanks to his professional touch, I have an amazing website that is much more than I’d imagined! I am so glad I hired him.