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Dialogues with the Masters

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Dialogues with the Masters, a project we’ve been secretly working on for over a month now. The site features Janet Attwood, co-author of New York Times Bestseller The Passion Test and her journeys throughout India learning from the great masters of our time.

Janet interviewed over 100 masters and compiled their wisdom into a DVD and CD set, as well as the newly created Daily Dose of Enlightenment program, in which subscribers can receive a video every day for a year.

This site was a milestone in my web design career, both in the extent of my abilities and the exposure this site will be receiving. It will also be the last “Design” I post on this website. Very soon my Design services will be moved elsewhere, and The Astrarium will be transforming into a true online magazine, featuring…YOU?

Apologies for the delays along this process and with the October Forecast. Hang in there!

Power of One Trailer

Photo of Toon and Biw by Michael McCracken

Is it possible for one person to make a difference?

Imagine…stepping off a plane in Thailand with students from all over the world, to volunteer at an Elephant Sanctuary, learn about Thai Culture, and make lasting friendships. Visit Buddhist Temples, participate in a ceremony to save trees from deforestation, feed and bathe the elephants, and laugh with your new friends.

All this and much more is the experience of Power of One, a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer opportunity created by the non-profit Blue Star of Hope. This annual program has changed lives and truly made a difference in our world. Now is your chance to make a difference!

This (very) rough cut is just a taste of the upcoming feature documentary that explores the Power of One experience, interviewing its participants as their worlds are transformed. Stay tuned for more clips from the film, and the full version coming in 2011.

Rough cut edited by Michael McCracken of www.theastrarium.com/archives and filmed by Shane Ernest of www.thesacredstudio.com. Expect a more polished trailer coming soon.

Music by Tina Malia, used with permission. “Lilac Blooms” and “Heal This Land” are just two of the fantastic songs by Malia. If you like what you hear, look up “Shores of Avalon” and “The Silent Awakening“, or visit Tina’s website at www.amidarecords.com.

For more information about the Blue Star of Hope and its founders Juelle and Donovan Wilkins, visit their website at www.bluestarofhope.org. Juelle and Donovan are always seeking participants, mentors, and donors to help expand the program. Please support their vision by sharing this video and their website!

Thank you to Juelle, Donovan, and the nearly 50 other participants from the 2008 Power of One trip. We love you all!

Cosmic Flowers

This colorful gallery of bright and vibrant flowers features orchids and other flowers from our trip to Thailand. A few photos have been recolored from the Thailand gallery, while most of them are brand new. Enjoy these cosmic flowers!

Click here to order any of these prints online!

Thailand Print Gallery

Here are some select photos from our trip to Thailand in 2008. Click to enlarge and then keep clicking to browse the gallery.

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Cambodia Print Gallery

Here are some select photos from our trip to Cambodia in 2008. Click to enlarge and then keep clicking to browse the gallery. If you’d like to order a print, use the links below each image.

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Panoramic Prints

Check out these extra-large panoramic prints from Cambodia and Thailand.

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Candlewood Retreat

Rennie and Andrea of Candlewood Retreat in Clarkdale AZ had us create this website layout in conjunction with Gabe Krechmer of Krechmer.com. It was a pleasure to work with these three, and to support a retreat that is completely off the grid! Check out their site to plan your stay in Candlewood.

Copyright Michael McCracken

The site features a bold image slideshow, a blog of upcoming events, several information pages about the services and amenities of the Retreat, a large photo gallery and a contact form.

Copyright Michael McCracken

We provided color correction and enhancement, and set up this and other photo galleries on the site. Candlewood truly is a warm and inviting space!

Rotating University Poster

We created this Rotating University poster for a college, to advertise the four upcoming study-abroad programs that were being offered.

Copyright Michael McCracken