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Shamanic Journey Two

This is the second video I created for Video Production with Jay Bordage back in 2007. The quality is bad on youtube, but you get the idea. The assignment was to play with sound, and I added some visuals as well into the video. The ending, while unintended, eventually led to the Naturescope videos that I created for this class.

Shamanic Journey One

This is the first video I put together for Video Production with Jay Bordage. I went to a local trail system and did some filming in the woods, and also of the nearby river and waterfall. It’s a beautiful area that I miss quite a bit. Good old Holden, MA.

This video and its sequel are meant to be a relaxing journey, sort of a shamanic journey. In shamanic style, I enter and exit my films the same way. You’ll see what I mean.

Fantastic music by Anugama from their Shamanic Journey CD. Check it out!