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Pagan Websites

The Astrarium 2015

The Astrarium is a menagerie of metaphysical musings for the modern mystic, and has been an ongoing project for us for the past 5 years. Each year, the site gets a brand new look, this time complete with animations and a beautiful Northern Lights visual style. Very soon, this site will be re-launched with all new content, services, and an online store chock-full of supplies for all your metaphysical needs. In the meantime, you can visit the site and check out the new look! Visit The Astrarium Site

Occult of Personality

Occult of Personality is a fascinating and reputable podcast featuring many experts and authors in various occult studies and disciplines. We worked with Greg Kaminsky to design a brand new look for the site, featuring new graphics, animations, and formatting for his extensive archive of content. If you’re at all interested in occult subjects, we highly recommend his excellent podcast! Visit Occult of Personality Site

Foundations of the Temple

Did you know we design book covers, too? We jumped at the chance to design the book cover for author Christopher Penczak’s new book, Foundations of the Temple. The cover features an iron door inscribed with their logo, surrounded by a stone wall and encroached by holly and oak leaves. It was an honor to be a small part of Christopher’s new book, and we very much enjoyed working with Christopher and Steve on this piece.

The Astrarium 2014

The Astrarium is a magazine-style website that offers quality content on all sorts of spiritual topics, from a variety of authors. The site is built on WordPress with a number of complex templates for different types of content, and a visually stunning design complete with CSS3 animations. It’s also incredibly mobile-friendly. Visit The Astrarium Site

The Astrarium

The Astrarium was an online gallery of my multimedia artworks from across my college career. This vibrant and engaging website went through several incarnations around the time I graduated from college.

Today, I manage this site along with Mat Auryn, a talented author and energy worker.

View The Astrarium Site
View The Astrarium 2011 (Archived) Site
View The Astrarium 2012 (Archived) Site

Lotus Galaxy

The Lotus Galaxy is an art gallery site featuring celestial mandalas and prints from sacred sites around the world. The site features a cosmic design and integration with the SmugMug photography service.

The site is built on WordPress and also on the SmugMug custom site building platform, in order to achieve a seamless transition between viewing the prints and ordering them. Several galleries are featured, as well as some information pages.

As of 2013, I’ve taken the site down for renovations. I expect to re-launch it in a new form some time this year or next. For now my priorities are with Terra Nova Creative and The Astrarium.

View The Lotus Galaxy Site