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Non-Profit Websites

We are thrilled to work with Ken Hamilton to support H.O.P.E., a wonderful organization focused on providing support and healing to all those who need it across Maine. The website features imagery from the Maine coastline, and an animated lighthouse that is a central symbol to the organization. Visit Hope Healing Site

Foundations of the Temple

Did you know we design book covers, too? We jumped at the chance to design the book cover for author Christopher Penczak’s new book, Foundations of the Temple. The cover features an iron door inscribed with their logo, surrounded by a stone wall and encroached by holly and oak leaves. It was an honor to be a small part of Christopher’s new book, and we very much enjoyed working with Christopher and Steve on this piece.

Blue Star of Hope

Blue Star of Hope is a non-profit that brings together today’s youth for educational volunteer programs in Thailand and South Africa. We’ve enjoyed working with them to help promote their programs since 2007.

In winter 2007, we joined Juelle and Donovan Wilkins, the founders of Blue Star of Hope, along with Thai and American students and mentors for a three-week journey into the heart of Thailand. We gathered over 80 hours of footage that were assembled into a short documentary promoting the program.

We’ve since worked with Blue Star to keep their website up to date, including this recent re-design which features a blog, several complex registration forms, donation/payment buttons, media content and information pages.

If you’re looking for a charitable program to support, consider making a donation to Blue Star of Hope. Their programs are making a real difference in the world every year. View Blue Star of Hope Site