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Naturescope Prints

These mandalas from nature evoke the best of the five elements, each one with its own natural wisdom.

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NatureScope Wallpaper Pack

Want these images as your desktop wallpaper? We’re offering 10-packs of our best prints as wallpapers for donors to our ongoing fundraiser. With a $50 donation, the below images could be yours, along with two other 10-packs from our Thailand and Cosmic print collections. Visit our Donate page for more information and images!

These original photographs have been digitally enhanced and manipulated to communicate the divine patterns and wisdom contained in nature. Includes 1600×1200, 1280×1024, and 1024×768 resolution images. Other sizes available upon request. Images for personal use only, not for resale, distribution or commercial use.

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Cosmic Flowers

This colorful gallery of bright and vibrant flowers features orchids and other flowers from our trip to Thailand. A few photos have been recolored from the Thailand gallery, while most of them are brand new. Enjoy these cosmic flowers!

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Panoramic Prints

Check out these extra-large panoramic prints from Cambodia and Thailand.

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The Nature Trail

I took these photos (and many more) in the Nature Trail at my old school, and will be using some of the photos to create a Tarot deck.

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Shamanic Journey Two

This is the second video I created for Video Production with Jay Bordage back in 2007. The quality is bad on youtube, but you get the idea. The assignment was to play with sound, and I added some visuals as well into the video. The ending, while unintended, eventually led to the Naturescope videos that I created for this class.

Shamanic Journey One

This is the first video I put together for Video Production with Jay Bordage. I went to a local trail system and did some filming in the woods, and also of the nearby river and waterfall. It’s a beautiful area that I miss quite a bit. Good old Holden, MA.

This video and its sequel are meant to be a relaxing journey, sort of a shamanic journey. In shamanic style, I enter and exit my films the same way. You’ll see what I mean.

Fantastic music by Anugama from their Shamanic Journey CD. Check it out!