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Green Business Websites

Architecture Works

Architecture Works is a sustainable architecture business based in Arizona. In addition to their off-the-grid Candlewood Retreat (We had built a website for this retreat previously) they’ve built dozens of eco-friendly homes, churches, community centers and schools.

It was a pleasure to work with Kelly and Rennie again, and support a business that is making a positive impact on the environment.

This is the design that we created for them, but we ended up building a WordPress version of their previous site instead.

View Architecture Works Site

Candlewood Retreat

We worked with Kelly and Rennie of Architecture Works to build a website for their off-the-grid oasis Candlewood Retreat (now known as Mescal Canyon Retreat) in the heart of Arizona. The site features a large photo gallery, a blog of upcoming events, and quite a bit of information about this unique retreat.

View Mescal Canyon Retreat Site