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Naturescope Prints

These mandalas from nature evoke the best of the five elements, each one with its own natural wisdom.

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NatureScope Wallpaper Pack

Want these images as your desktop wallpaper? We’re offering 10-packs of our best prints as wallpapers for donors to our ongoing fundraiser. With a $50 donation, the below images could be yours, along with two other 10-packs from our Thailand and Cosmic print collections. Visit our Donate page for more information and images!

These original photographs have been digitally enhanced and manipulated to communicate the divine patterns and wisdom contained in nature. Includes 1600×1200, 1280×1024, and 1024×768 resolution images. Other sizes available upon request. Images for personal use only, not for resale, distribution or commercial use.

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Cosmic Mandalas

These mandalas made from Hubble photos and fractal renders remind us of the intricate patterns that manifest all throughout the Universe.

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Some images by NASA, composited and enhanced by us. NASA images are public domain and can be freely sold provided credit is given. Thanks NASA!

Cosmic Chakras Series
Cosmic Mandalas Series

Cosmic Flowers

This colorful gallery of bright and vibrant flowers features orchids and other flowers from our trip to Thailand. A few photos have been recolored from the Thailand gallery, while most of them are brand new. Enjoy these cosmic flowers!

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Cosmic Journey Book

My third book I’ve created, this one was handmade for a memoir class. The book has several layers of transparency and a poem throughout. It’s about the many ways to transcend reality in many cultures around the world. This was more of a fun project.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Cosmic Dawn

The light of one thousand red suns pierces the Void in an explosion of creative energy.
All of creation becomes manifest as we begin our long journey back to the Source.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Sunrise Drums

Rhythms travel across the sky, waking the sun and inviting all creatures to join in the dance.
Duality and separation are lost as we shake to this cosmic beat.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Whirling Dervish

The dervish moves to an unseen rhythm, delivering God’s mercy to the people.
Whirling in graceful circles, we become drunk with the divine.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Forest Maenads

The maenads dance in ecstasy, their bodies surging with the power of the Gods.
Reconnected to the divine, there is nothing we cannot do in this world.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Evening Meditation

In meditation, all sense of self, old thoughts, and limiting beliefs fall away.
We are surrounded by the Universe, surrounded by an infinite silence.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Mayan Sacrifice

The cosmic calendar races ever forward, leaving death and rebirth in its wake.
Realizing that our time is past, we prepare to be reborn once again.

Copyright Michael McCracken

Cosmic Dusk

Brahma closes His eyes as His cosmic day comes gently to a close.
Complete and infinite, we rest in the transcendent void for a thousand ages.