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Authority Websites

Leanne Brunelle

We worked with Leanne Brunelle, a talented Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, to re-design her website for her services. The new look is mobile-friendly, includes a custom branded email campaign, and establishes Leanne as an expert in her field. If you’re looking for a nutrition coach, or for some tips and tricks along the way, head on over to Leanne’s new site and check it out for yourself! Visit Leanne Brunelle Site

Ava Waits

Ava Waits is a friendly and charismatic coach, specializing in helping visionary entrepreneurs release financial constriction. We had a great time working with Ava to design this new responsive website for her. If you’re looking for a coach to take your business to the next level, check out Ava’s website today! Visit Ava Waits Site

Mobile Spa Business Opportunity

We worked with Morgan Taylor to promote her Mobile Spa business with a new website, featuring a spa-like yet professional layout, shopping cart, and mobile responsive design. Visit Mobile Spa Business Opportunity Site

ALisa Starkweather

ALisa Starkweather is well known for her many women’s empowerment groups and programs, from Priestess Path and Daughters of the Earth to the annual Belly and Womb Conference and the Red Tent Temple Movement. We’ve designed several websites for ALisa, and this site is her new home base. View ALisa Starkweather Site

Dr. Jay Kumar

We worked with Dr. Jay Kumar to create a new look for his Brain, Body & Being brand. Jay is an expert in the neuroscience of happiness, and his site features excellent articles and a newsletter of helpful information to living a happier life. The site is fully mobile-ready and packed with social features. View Dr. Jay Kumar Site

Intentional Life Design

Tulasi Adeva Perrin contacted us to create a new website for her business Intentional Life Design. The site features a variety of templates for the different pages, a built-in opt-in offer, and a mobile-friendly design. View Intentional Life Design Site

A Happy You

We’ve been working with renowned international speaker and coach Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, to update the look and feel of her websites and products. Her main site, A Happy You, features Dr. Elizabeth as a leading coach for happiness, as well as her books and products.

Rebecka Eggers

Rebecka is a Co-Active Coach, Reverend and Reiki Master. She needed a website to promote her new business, and to allow her new customers to easily make appointments for her services. We collaborated with Kiva Singh to create this new design for Rebecka’s re-branding. The second screenshot is an earlier version of the site from a previous campaign.