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Author Websites

Foundations of the Temple

Did you know we design book covers, too? We jumped at the chance to design the book cover for author Christopher Penczak’s new book, Foundations of the Temple. The cover features an iron door inscribed with their logo, surrounded by a stone wall and encroached by holly and oak leaves. It was an honor to be a small part of Christopher’s new book, and we very much enjoyed working with Christopher and Steve on this piece.


We’ve been working with Charismologist Robin Nicole Sol for many years, and were excited to design the website for her latest project, ITster. The site features many templates for different types of content, a mobile-friendly design, a custom opt-in, social buttons and a variety of branded graphics. View Itster Site

Dr. Jay Kumar

We worked with Dr. Jay Kumar to create a new look for his Brain, Body & Being brand. Jay is an expert in the neuroscience of happiness, and his site features excellent articles and a newsletter of helpful information to living a happier life. The site is fully mobile-ready and packed with social features. View Dr. Jay Kumar Site

Gail Tredwell

Gail Tredwell is the author of Holy Hell, and came to us looking for a website to help promote the book. The site is fully mobile ready and has a number of information pages and social features. View Gail Tredwell Site

A Happy You

We’ve been working with renowned international speaker and coach Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, to update the look and feel of her websites and products. Her main site, A Happy You, features Dr. Elizabeth as a leading coach for happiness, as well as her books and products.

What Is Fibro?

We worked with Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, author of “A Happy You” to create a new look for her e-book on Fibromyalgia.

View What Is Fibro Site

Toni Emerson

We worked with Toni Emerson, author of “Make Love With Life: Harnessing The Power Of Love for Success, Health and Happiness” to give her site a fresh new look. We also created a Facebook page and business card design- all in just two days! View Toni Emerson Site


Phoenix Desmond, author of the upcoming novel Make Love to the Universe asked us to create a splash page promoting his book, complete with a background that featured symbolism from the book.

The following images are mockups of the yet-unfinished website. When the book is ready to promote, we’ll finish the design and launch the website.