I helped Robin Sol Lieberman of True Charisma build a powerful marketing system to grow her mailing list and sell her products.


Robin Sol Lieberman and I have been working together for years. I’ve helped with large projects like building websites and growing her brand, as well as small ones like keeping her sites up to date and maintaining her blog. But by far the largest, and most successful project we’ve undertaken together was that of her new website, True Charisma.

The site, designed by Lieve Maas of Bright Light Graphics and built by myself, offers a huge resource of quality content written by Robin. Her offerings are designed to help human beings understand themselves and others more deeply, so they can become better communicators and ultimately unlock their innate charisma. The main website features information about Robin and her works, each with slideshows and unique templates that our tight-knit team worked together to create, as well as her blog which features new thought-provoking articles several times a week.

Building on this, we created several complex marketing systems bringing together WordPress, Infusionsoft, Wishlist Member, Amazon S3 video and others into one seamless user experience. Taking Robin’s Charisma Type Quiz helps visitors to understand their innate charismatic gifts and communication style, and get started on a marketing campaign that recommends complementary products, both physical and digital, including Charisma Boost audios, and Robin’s recently released book, The Charisma Code. Robin has also developed an online course with hours of high quality video, multimedia bonuses, and much more. The course, built right into the website, takes users on a self-paced journey of self discovery. All of these products have unique (and sometimes extensive) sales pages, marketing campaigns, and much more running behind the scenes to make them work, and I’m both happy and honored to have been an integral part in their creation and smooth functioning. Everything is entirely automated, from the customer’s online course experience to the fulfillment of her physical products.

Shortly after the release of her book, Robin embarked on a series of TV and Radio interviews to promote the new book and the website. We were delighted not only to see huge spikes in traffic on Robin’s website, but also to see large proportions of that traffic signing up for Robin’s mailing list, buying products, and spending quality time perusing the website. The system runs beautifully, and it’s ready to scale and take on large spikes in traffic, and turn those visitors into customers.

If I know anything at all, I know that Rory is one of our foremost rising stars in the world of web design.

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