Rory McCracken

Freedom to Choose

I worked with Freedom To Choose Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping incarcerated individuals re-integrate healthily back into society through a number of community-based programs. This massive website features a number of beautifully designed information pages (donated by verynice) as well as a wealth of powerful features, including a shopping cart, volunteer login area, events management system, search and filter tools, and much more. It was an honor to support the work FTC does and a pleasure to work with them. Visit Freedom to Choose Website


I worked with visionary entrepreneur Robin Sol Lieberman to build an exquisite and powerful Shopify website for her latest venture, LIFEHONEY. Working alongside designer Lena and the marketing team from Ignition, together we created a meditative experience to showcase the story of Lifehoney, as well as the incredible products Robin has created. Lifehoney’s flagship product is a Japanese Kintsugi Kit and online course, which encourages those who use it to reflect on and heal potentially broken pieces of their lives and relationships and find themselves even stronger for the undertaking. The course blends together the ancient art of kintsugi with mindfulness practices taught by Robin. Visit LIFEHONEY Website

I worked with Steve Kenson to redesign the website for Copper Cauldron Publishing, which is an independent publisher of metaphysical books. The site features a custom design, slideshow, blog, and a display of all of the titles published by Copper Cauldron complete with custom fields and javascript work. Visit Copper Cauldron Publishing Website

Christopher Penczak

I worked with author Christopher Penczak to redesign his personal website, which chronicles his dozens of published books, resources, articles and other content, as well as an online shop featuring his books and other products. Visit Christopher Penczak Website

Mystic Dream Academy

I worked with Storm, Devin and Chas of Mystic Dream Academy to give a facelift to their online course website. Mystic Dream is a massive website featuring loads of online courses, thousands of active members, and a ton of content, so upgrading it was no easy task. The end result is a streamlined and more intuitive experience for users. Visit Mystic Dream Academy Website

Rodney Flowers

I worked with inspirational speaker and coach Rodney Flowers to create a new look for his website, which shares Rodney’s story as well as his current services and offerings. Visit Rodney Flowers Website

Realize Now

I worked with an organization called Realize Now based in India who offers courses in yoga and consciousness study. We worked together to create an attractive and functional website to represent their offerings, which includes a shopping cart, membership section, and a number of customized features and attractive pages. Visit Realize Now Website

Mass Midwives Alliance

I worked with Mass Midwives Alliance to create a powerful new membership website that connects and empowers practicing and learning midwives across the state of Massachusetts. The website includes a membership system that lists all of the midwives, as well as a wealth of information and resources for midwives and parents alike to browse and explore. Visit Mass Midwives Website