1. An amazing new modality in the area of Health and Wellness!
  2. Block Therapy offers benefits and a new level of well-being.
  3. Collapsed core? Correct this condition with Block Therapy.
  4. Developed by a Canadian, Deanna Hansen.
  5. Emotional releases and extra energy.
  6. Fascia is set free, flexibility increases.
  7. Gravity pulling you down? Get going! Sign up. Experience the difference.
  8. Healing happens when fascia is healthy.
  9. Intrigued, I want more information… Read More
  10. Juxtapose with yoga, tai chi, chi gong or meditation.
  11. Knowledge is key. Keep reading.
  12. Lymphatic system will likely function better.
  13. Meditate while melting scar tissue.
  14. Nothing works better.
  15. Oxygen intake – a whopping 600% increase!
  16. Posture improves!
  17. Quick results. Quite astonishing.
  18. Restrictions in ribcage released.
  19. Spine realigned and straightened.
  20. Toxins released.
  21. Unblock restrictions.
  22. Varicose veins improve.
  23. Weight loss.
  24. X-ceptional results!
  25. Younger looking skin.
  26. Zest for life returns, more zip, less zap!