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The BEST spiritually authentic approach to jaw-dropping

(even if nobody’s ever heard of you).

You are legendary. I’m just here to make sure other people find out how epic you are, how cool your brand is, and why they should buy from you. Also, I’m a Visionary of Grandeur – yours!

Hey. I’m Leili. And I’m about to reveal a whole system customized just for you to create your epic brand.

I’m here to help you be the leader you were born to be, build a brand, and grow your business (ME, Inc.) because you’re passionate about what you do, and because you want to create more income for yourself and the people you love.

But… I don’t help the way a lot of other people do. The process is a quest, a journey to greatness. This journey creates a different experience for you in four ways:

  • It all starts from within you. Most branding systems (if there even is a system…) just start with questions you can’t answer. It’s like “Well, if I could answer that I wouldn’t need branding, now would I?”

    And the questions they ask such as “which celebrity are you most like?” don’t lead to your unique brand, but instead brand you like someone already out there. I don’t know about you, but I feel like I should know and be able to tell someone else what makes me special. It’s frustrating.

    But it’s not your fault. You can’t see yourself from the outside, the way the rest of the world does. You need someone else to guide you. Except, what if they don’t get to know You? And You have purpose!

    So, let’s dig deep and find out who that is so we can express why you matter and how you’re going to influence your market. It’s all born from your answers to our 344 data-point assessment. That’s customization.

  • So, 344 data-points…really? Yup. This is the point where I have to unmask my inner nerd and she is cringing just a bit. No, I wasn’t one of the cool kids. I was intellectually curious. So, my studies of brand architecture, psychology, semiotics and neuroscience in undergrad, while becoming degreed in Product Design, were coupled with economics, gamification, mythology, mindfulness and a variety of other subjects over the last 30 plus years. This system is multilayered. Its depth offers insights into your personal brand, your leadership platform, your business brand and your wealth trajectory. This is the only system that aligns all four.
  • I believe in delivering insights, deep insights. I also believe in delivering both strategy and tactics (which I call Mythos and Methods), so you can work from the 30,000 foot view while implementing boots-on-the-ground methods. So how about I show you what I mean. Try this:

    Woven into this system is the cutting-edge strategy of gamification. Who cares? You do. Studies show that we learn best through play. We want to have fun. It’s habit forming.

    What does that look like in business? It’s using the same core motivations that game designers inject into their products so you’ll keep playing (come on, I know you have gotten sucked into Farmville or Angry Birds at least once, spending time you didn’t have down in that rabbit hole) So…how awesome would it be if your product or service had that kind of pull?

    Let me walk you through some examples of gamifying your brand. Watch the video and then go DO one of two of the examples and come back and tell me about it.

  • Last and not least…here’s my truth. My business is a manifestation of my greatness. What is my greatness? It starts with my self-awareness and my dedication to the growth of my humanity. It’s my beliefs and values that become my purpose. My actions together with my purpose become my mission. And when I turn that from an inward facing guiding light to an outward facing illumination, it becomes my Vision for the world. And so, with daily focus it comes to be my manifested destiny. I believe all of this is true for you too. Here’s your chance to embrace it.

So, what’s the next step you want to take to grow and monetize your epic brand?

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